physician-iconPhysician Marketing

7 and ½ minutes: that’s the length of the average pharmaceutical sales call. While the role of the sales rep is still crucial, the face time they spend with HCPs continues to dwindle. As marketers, we need to find new ways to communicate more effectively with doctors and building on every touch point available.

A multi-channel approach to physician marketing requires the use of a broad but specialized set of highly adaptable marketing tools—and EarthColor Pharma is where you’ll find them. From hand-assembled, high-impact direct mail to web portals, custom-message digital printing and QR code tracking, we have one goal in mind: deliver your message to the person who prescribes your product.

Driving Success for Pharmaceutical Brands

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Fulfillment and Distribution

The customer you’ve been trying to reach for over a year has just responded to your email, called your 800 number or filled out your enrollment form. You now have their order, but your work isn’t done yet – the most crucial segment in successful fulfillment has just begun.

Fulfillment is where a lot of physician marketing falls short and it’s more than just logistics. If you’re truly multi-channel savvy, you know that “delivery time” is by far the most important touch in an ongoing relationship with your client, and the perfect time to collect more data and cement the relationship.

Whether it’s product, customized practice-specific education materials, or time-sensitive formulary announcements, EarthColor Pharma can manage the entire fulfillment process. Our data and content management systems, print-on-demand capabilities, and automated inventory, distribution, and tracking systems are all integrated to deliver your customer’s order right to their doorstep on time and on target.

Print On Demand

With the current restrictions on promotional items in the pharma space, relevant patient education and in-office collateral materials have become the most important ways to reach physicians—through their patients. Digital print-on-demand technology allows pharma marketers to economically provide prescribers with unbranded and branded patient materials personalized with their office address, phone number and more.

Print-on-demand also allows for customized brochure language and photography that can reflect patient ethnic group, language, age, disease state, and stage of treatment. The customized printed collateral you provide doctors helps improve their patient relationships and fosters better adherence. All while promoting a positive brand image, improving brand awareness, and influencing prescriber decisions—in ways the traditional pen with your logo on it never could.


Reaching physicians today is a much more complicated proposition than in the past. EarthColor Pharma works with your data suppliers to help plan, produce, and coordinate all the interlocking elements that make the complexities of multi-channel more manageable and more effective.

Multi-channel marketing is, by definition, always a campaign. But unlike a traditional single-media marketing plan based solely on reach and frequency, a multi-touch campaign adds a third metric—target resonance. By integrating multiple personalized communication venues based on constantly refined data, each touch in a physician-targeted campaign is timed to reinforce the succeeding one.

Customer Relationship Management

In the past, your brand’s “relationship” with your customers was based almost solely on the personal relationship your sales reps had developed with individual physicians. As the dynamics of the personal selling space has changed, “how we get to know our customers” has changed as well.


Multi-channel marketing is at the heart of any successful CRM effort. Each touch of a multi-channel campaign is designed to build and refine your customer’s data profile. By using feedback from a combination of integrated touches ranging from direct mail and email to digitally customized collateral, EarthColor Pharma can help you get to know your physician’s customers more effectively than ever before.


Updates, tier changes, and plan acceptance announcements; there’s nothing glamorous about formulary communications—and possibly nothing more important to your brand’s market success.

In the era of Healthcare Reform and more regulated healthcare spending, the importance of tier changes and plan acceptance is approaching traditional safety and efficacy. Because physicians are keenly aware of the impact that cost and acceptance has on patient outcomes, it’s critical you get the good news about your brand’s formulary changes to doctors right NOW. The standard formulary announcement becomes an impactful marketing tool when you think multi-channel.