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The effectiveness of patient marketing continues to grow as multiple touch points and sources of influence continue to evolve. Today, patients actively look for health information within a number of venues—on the web, in magazines, and on TV. They’ve come to expect these communications to reflect their personal challenges, gender, age, communities, and interests. An effective patient marketing plan has to span multiple media types; each touch is part of a feedback loop that continually adapts to an individual’s changing needs and preferences. Learning gleaned from one point of contact is rolled over into subsequent touches across the campaign.


Today, patient marketing extends beyond simply communicating and educating; it requires that every touch point enhances the patient experience, gathers and incorporates additional information, and fosters patient adherence and brand loyalty. Patient marketing must consider lifetime patient value and market accordingly. When a campaign element is not delivering the expected results, strategies and tools must be nimble enough to be adapted quickly to work effectively within the mix.

Promoting Patient Adherence through Multi-Channel Marketing

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Fulfillment and Distribution 

Fulfilling a request for information, enrolling someone in a program, or mailing an incentive or product sample to a patient is also the best time to collect more information about them. Properly executed multi-channel marketing is almost always also multi-touch, each touch building on knowledge from all prior touches, adding breadth and depth to your contact’s profile. Nowhere else in a multi-touch cycle is a patient more likely to feel so inclined to provide more information about themselves as when they are receive something “free” in the mail.

Fulfilling an order or request for information in a timely manner is important, but using the opportunity to extend the conversation is the real key to successful multi-channel, multi-touch marketing.

Print On Demand

If you think print too slow to keep up with today’s patient communication needs, you don’t know Print-on-Demand. At EarthColor Pharma, we’ve grabbed old-school ink on paper by its analog roots, streamlined it, templated it, added Big Data, and artfully integrated it as a key component in almost any successful multi-channel marketing mix.

Using our proprietary digital print-on-demand workflow processes, versioned content and customer information for a sizable print-on-demand mailing can be downloaded from the Cloud in the morning, formatted, templated and personalized by lunchtime, and out the door before end of day, delivered to your prospect’s hands exactly in time to sync with the rest of your multi-channel “touches” breaking the next day. Ink on paper has never moved this fast, or been this effective before.


The real power of modern multi-channel marketing techniques is grounded in how they can deliver appropriate and targeted messages where and when you need them. Whether your objective is awareness, education, or brand loyalty, the right message arriving at the right time can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your pharma marketing plan. EarthColor Pharma’s web-based integrated approach to multi-channel marketing allows us measure and monitor the effectiveness of individual touches as well as the overall ROI of your entire campaign.

Multi-channel marketing uses your customer data in a combination direct mail, personalized URLs, emails, and text messages to act as a “force multiplier,” making the effect of your multi-touch campaign greater than the sum of its parts.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM, or Customer Relationship Marketing, has grown and evolved over time. Originally, it referred only to physicians (the actual drug “Customers”). But lately, it has come to connote the relationship with the patient (the end “Consumer”) as well. And even though it does not fit the acronym, the term CRM is applied to a marketer’s relationship with all the stakeholders in a marketing plan, including payers, vendors, sales force, and managed care entities.

Our multi-channel marketing techniques are tailor-made for effective CRM. EarthColor Pharma is one of the most experienced players in the CRM arena. Our across-the-board expertise in CRM can help you communicate with every segment of your market, with personalized messaging and timed and tailored for the greatest impact and greater ROI.