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Recent changes in the managed care environment, including Healthcare Reform and the rise of consumer-driven healthcare, have made it imperative that pharmaceutical companies connect with the payers that are most valuable to them.

EarthColor Pharma believes the extremely diverse managed care arena provides the perfect opportunity for niche and micro-marketing strategies for better pull-through. Channel strategies can drive company and product differentiation, selection, and penetration with your key target accounts. Our personalized, customized marketing and print solutions make it possible for you to maintain complete control over specific messaging to your key targeted accounts. On-demand, customized digital print capabilities ensure a range of materials at your disposal, making it possible to provide the field with the most accurate and timely materials possible.

Automated Solutions for Managed Care Marketing

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Fulfillment and Distribution 

EarthColor Pharma has long provided managed care marketers with the tools and data integration needed to promote the latest formulary wins in their coverage areas. Multi-touch campaigns are also important in communicating with the field, giving your sales reps the ability to drop approved messages, targeted to audiences in their territories, broadening your communications.

We work closely with the industry’s leading providers of managed care analytics and data–companies like Fingertip Formulary, BusinessOne Technologies, Pinsonault, Maxcess, and Decision Resources Group. We can leverage the critical business information they provide in any number of printed or electronically distributed multi-channel venues, from flashcards to emails to dimensional mailings.

Print On Demand

EarthColor Pharma has a long-standing commitment to Digital Print-on-Demand. Our state-of-the-art print and delivery process, am4m (automated manfacuturing for marketing), are based on a Web2Print model, a data driven digital platform that provides our managed market clients with POD capabilities right from their own websites or data networks.

Our digital printing technology is integrated with our data, inventory management, and production systems across 4 different facilities across the country, allowing for seamless manufacturing and lights-out production. Our client-facing web portal even allows clients to manage their physical inventory items as well as their virtual libraries of print-on-demand titles.


The field of managed care is not only BIG, it’s also BROAD. The result is that no medium can cover the diverse array of market segments within it: physicians, patients, payers, and healthcare managers. Each one has their own concerns and needs to be communicated in different ways, which makes multi-channel marketing so perfect in getting your integrated managed care message to the right people at the right time.

At EarthColor Pharma, we have a long history dealing with the complexities of the managed care market, and the diverse constituencies that comprise its broad scope of healthcare decision-makers. Our multi-channel digital printing and distribution techniques, combined with our integration with other digital delivery systems like email and SMS, make us the perfect choice to help unravel the complexities of this demanding market.


Sometimes even small things can have a big impact on the success or failure of your brand–-like a missed formulary update or miscommunicated regulatory changes. It’s called getting the basics right, because with healthcare reform looming, doctors are more aware than ever about coverage levels for your brand and what they can mean for their patients.

At EarthColor Pharma, we’re used to sweating the small stuff. Getting the word out to managed care executives, hospital review boards, and independent GPs is not necessarily glamorous work. But it is critical that customers and influencers hear about your latest tier upgrade, coverage win, or new indication—and they need to know NOW. Formulary acceptance or a coverage level upgrade translates into more scripts written for your product—and the difference between failure and a marketing success.