Field-Sales-Icon Field Sales Communications

Just as pharma companies are asking their sales reps to do more, physicians are finding it harder to make time for descriptive and informative calls like they did in the past.. The growing use of iPads and tablets has made for more dynamic presentations, making direct updates to CRM systems and portals practical, and allowing field reps to configure and trigger approved communications right from the field.

EarthColor Pharma provides the portals your reps need to become more efficient. Integrated follow-up tactics like digital print communications complement and reinforce their one-on-one office calls. This close integration allows field reps to become an extension of the marketing team, providing critical feedback about what their territories need and changing circumstances demand.

Our nationwide production and distribution network helps pharma marketers replace inventories of preprinted, out-of-date collateral with efficient on-demand, versioned communications that drive scripts and increase brand loyalty while maintaining compliance with the latest regulatory changes.

Automated Marketing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

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Fulfillment and Distribution 

The maxim to “think globally, act locally” has become important for doing business in today’s increasingly complex pharma marketplace. As the pharma market evolved into multiple audiences, more targeted and complex types of multi-channel fulfillment and delivery capabilities have evolved to deliver your messaging and products.

At EarthColor, we have complete fulfillment and distribution capabilities; everything and anything from personalized digital printing and web-based ordering to hand-assembly, drop shipping, inventory management, carrier shipping and tracking. We can do all that and much more. We know that in delivering your message to the right people at the right time, timing is everything.

Here are just some of our fulfillment and distribution capabilities:

Non-Machine Order Processing
Drop Shipments
Warehousing and Inventory Management
Web-Based Ordering, Tracking, and Reporting
Specialty Affixing
Kit Assembly
Carrier Shipping and Tracking
Data Processing
Laser and Inkjet Personalization
Mail Optimization and Postal Management

Print On Demand

EarthColor Pharma has grown to become an industry leader in the realm of Digital Print-on-Demand. We provide our pharma clients with data-driven communications solutions that help them acquire new customers and retain current ones. We’ve integrated variable data printing with offset printing, email, web communications, finishing and fulfillment services, making print a key player in any multi-channel marketing effort.


A multi-channel campaign makes it possible to build a customer profile that includes your prospect’s channel preferences, medical practice characteristics, patient types, product features and benefits that are most relevant to them. By combining direct mail, personalized URLs, text messages, and web-based initiative, along with trade show and sales force efforts, pharma marketers can greatly extend both the reach and frequency of their messages, while making sure they are consistent across all channels.

Whether your objective is brand awareness, patient education, trial purchase or product loyalty, a timely, personalized offer dramatically increases the chances of sales success. Our easy-to-use Web2Print platform helps integrate, measure, and monitor the following campaign components in real time:

Direct mail
Personalized URLs
Customized printed collateral
QR Code

Customer Relationship Management

The realities of today’s pharma marketplace have made traditional one-to-one selling more challenging than ever. While still a key piece of any marketing effort, the downsizing of most sales forces, combined with the shrinking amount of time doctors and other healthcare decision makers can devote to sales calls have made the use of other sales channels mandatory.

At EarthColor Pharma, we specialize in providing a coordinated multi-channel approach to reaching HCPs and healthcare managers. We have found that multiple “touches” are an effective way to “fill in the gaps” between the less frequent person-to-person sales calls. Each touch, whether direct mail, practice-specific email, or a quick SMS reminder, in a multi-touch campaign reinforces the reach and frequency of your marketing efforts, making your field sales force more effective in the process.